I was at school until it was dark. I walked outside and decided to go back in to find my ex. I went to the cafeteria and a big rumble started, an announcement was made that they were going to do a Jedi fight. The principal rushed and stopped it. I didn't see her so I walked to my car. I circled the parking lot a couple of times looking for her but could not find her. I saw the other parking lot and circled that parking lot once real fast. I saw her and I went around again. I stopped with my headlights in front of her and we looked at each other. I reversed out really slow us looking at each other the whole time. I drove off and now I was talking to her. The conversation:

"Hello?" I answered
"Oh hi, how are you?"
"I saw you right now, that was you right?"
"Yeah, it was pretty obvious wasn't it?"
"Duh...I love you."
"I want you back."

That's all I remember because I was woken up by my cat's loud whine, "MEOW!