Bicycle Motocross. Also stands for the type of bike used in BMX biking. An extreme sport that consists of lots of different tricks and styles. Normally involves a lot of time and effort to perfect hard tricks.
Styles include street riding, flatland riding, and dirt riding, although most people just go where they feel like. Also done in skate parks, even though many have taken to not allowing bmxers in and only allowing skateborders and fruitbooters.
Consists of numerous stunts including:
  • Manual - Riding on just the back tire.
  • Feeble grind or stall - having one wheel and a peg on a bench, or other raised surface, and doing a grind or stall
  • 180's and 360's - bunny hoping and rotating x degrees
  • Pivot's - an 180 or 360 pivot is just like a 180 or 360 but it involves leaving one wheel on the ground to pivot around
  • Wall/tree ride - Jumping and riding against a wall, tree, or other object
  • Barspin - Spinning the handlebars of the bike
  • Tabletop - Rotating the bike so it is sideways against the ground, but up in the air. Normally done off a jump
  • Superman - Extending your legs out behind you as you go off a jump, while still holding the handlebars, and laying flat in a superman position
  • X-up - twisting the bars during a jump so the front wheel forms an X with the frame
  • 1/no handers or footers - taking 1 or both hands or feet off of the bike while in the air after a jump.
If I can pick for a minute
A manual is basically a wheelie without the pedaling. Causing extreme pressure on the knees and lower back and shoulders.
a Feeble grind/stall is a trick/stunt where the front wheel is on top of a ledge of any sort and the back peg is on the ledge.
a 180/360/540/720 are the most common rotation seen on a BMX, not only done in a bunnyhop also off a launch ramp, quater pipe, hip jump, etc.
a X-UP being crossing your arms while still holding onto the bars so your ARMS form a X.

Manual -
Feeble Grind -
X-UP -
sorry for the ugly pictures. I gotta get some video on the calgary riders site too
BMX, less commonly known as Bicycle Motocross, is just what it sounds like. Racing on bikes in the form of a motocross race. It began in the early 70s when kids too young to ride actual dirtbikes, took their own bikes, and modified them to imitate dirtbikes. They became single-geared bikes which were generally much smaller than mountain or road bikes. They then began organizing races, and the sport gained popularity with incredible speed. Before long, it couldn't be ignored, BMX wasn't going away anytime soon.

Not long after, flatland riding was born, which gave birth to a whole new way to ride bikes, known as freestyle. This is when you ride a bike in a halfpipe, skatepark, on trails, flat ground, or even the streets. This opened up the door to modern competitions such as the X Games and Gravity Games 2002, and has allowed for huge corporate sponsorships from organizations such as Hyundai, Right Guard, and Mountain Dew.

Many people wonder why these sports are so popular, there are several reasons. One is that in racing, it's fairly accessible in most areas, and not too expensive. It also is a good family event where the entire family can compete, and watch each other compete. Another reason is that in freestyle, there are unlimited possibilites as to what is possible, and it is entirley up to the individual. There are also so practice schedules or coaches to frustrate participants.

As is quite clear, BMX has a come quite a long way since racing on flat dirt tracks, and still has plenty of room to go even further.

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