RAD was the name of the classic racing bike movie from 1986. Rad is one of the classic movies from the 80s.

RAD is about a paperboy (Cru Jones) who loves to race his BMX bike around. He and his friends even have their own obstacle course to practice. Cru gets to compete against the top riders in the country, backed by big sponsors like Mongoose and GT. My favorite part of this movie is the stunts. Cru Jones and and Christian (played by a young Lori Loughlin) even do a bike dance with one another to Send Me and Angel! This movie is packed from beginning to end with bike stuntwork. You know the ending... evil cheats, good overcomes and gets the girl.

RAD is the best bike/BMX/freestyle movies ever made.

A petition to release Rad on DVD is online at http://www.petitiononline.com/RAD/petition.html

RAD is also the initials of Royal Academy of Dancing which is a british school for ballet. Their exams are given world-wide to students who wish to become part of this program. These exams are divided into two groups: Grade and Major. It claims 17,000 teachers and 250,000 students use their syllabus. Dancers trained by RAD are known for precise technique and great respect for traditions. However, the stress on technique usually results in stiff and self-conscious ballerinas. Their url is: www.rad.org.uk

Rad (?), obs.

imp. & p. p. of Read, Rede.



© Webster 1913.

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