What happens when you don't separate your laundry into whites and dark colors -- something red or purple will dye every white item in the washing machine pink, including underwear, socks and white shirts. This name for the idea comes from the packaging of some product which claims to prevent this problem, but it's cheaper just to do two loads.

When I saw this node title, I immediately came to add my writeup. See, I thought this node was about the kind of pink underwear syndrome that I went through as a (pre?)pubescent teen.*

I did not, and still don't find pink panties appealing.

Excuse me for this grievous sin. Mom used to take me shopping, and I'd pick out the grey/black striped ones. She'd roll her eyes and reach for a pack of pink or purple ones.

The situation only seemed to get worse when we went shopping for my first bra. (No, I didn't reach for a black one with studs.) Mom was reeeeeally excited, and I was, how shall we say, less than thrilled. I didn't want these boob things growing out of me. None of my friends had them yet. I didn't want to wear a constricting piece of cotton on my chest, much less one with a ribbon in the center, over my H-E-A-R-T.

Puh-leeze! Mom was chirping all the way home: 'Oh, I'm so delighted. Aren't you, Jane?'

'Frankly, Ma, little bows and rosettes don't thrill me too much.'

Fine, I admit it. I was a little shit.

Anyway, I have since diagnosed my attitude then as 'pink underwear disorder', hence my delight in finding a pre-existing node with this sort of title.

* If you wanted to read about laundry ineptitude I could send you off to read about my roommate, who is a master at messing up her laundry

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