Posters of Clint Eastwood all over the university. Getting curious I read the text printed on them and apparently he´s comming to give a lecture in microbiology. First I assume this to be a publicity stunt to draw more students to biology classes. But as I just by a whim search the pubmed homepage for publications by C.Eastwood it turns out he has had a great number of papers published in Molecular Microbiology during the eighties, and was apperantly one of the more influential scientists in the field of bacterial genetics.

Mundane Dream
- I was in a small white room, only this was a kitchen. Apparently, I was a challenger on Iron Chef, and I waited while the M.C. Liberace dude came in to do the title sequence. Only it looked really funny, because it was just in this small plain white kitchen. Skip forward to the battle, and this was also quite mundane, as me and my not so Japanese associates (although I don't think I was doing any of the work) were cooking up lots of dishes using the theme ingredient which hadn't previously been announced: MIXED VEGETABLES. I remembered seeing a couple of artichokes cooking, and a few pots that were steaming mixed vegetables. Apparently it wasn't a competition, because I don't remember anyone else in the room from that point on.

Recurring/Signifigant Dream
- I was running. I kept running, and I was barefoot. For some reason, the lack of shoes was enabling me to at an incredibly fast speed. I was running at what was probably close to 90-100 mph. I was running down a grassy slope, with some trees spread about on either side. Only these trees seemed to be old, ancient, dying. I stopped running when I reached my destination. My church. Only this was not the church I frequent, this was much, much, older, as if the church that signifies my beliefs. It was made of a dark, dark stone, but despite it's ominous look, gave off an extreme air of peace and serenity. I went inside. There were only a few ghosts inside, as if everyone else had long since abandoned the church. I thought to myself, "am I really alone?".

Then I woke up.

P / N

  • My boys Dewey and Hackam.
  • Crossing a busy street, Dave Foley and I had to wait on the boulevard. Dave asked me if it was wearing the same denim skirt he used to wear when we went to outer space. I laughed and said yes it was. He kissed me and I knew things would get better.
  • He had a hard time moving the TV, it was massive, no one would help him
  • She was underwater without air and we were worried, but we soon saw that that was her talent.

I sat in a huge green field with my SO. Nothing in sight but the large healthy tree about 25 feet away. I held her in my arms. I leaned over and kissed her. She smiled large. Suddenly, I woke up and my mom was next to my bed on the phone. In reality, my SO is out of the country for the next 10 months. I remember the dream vividly.

i remembered that workers had been scheduled to do a bit of renovation around my condo complex, but i wasn't sure what it involved or what the outcome'd be. the night before, i'd gone out with my friends, but in the morning, i had to take the bus home. so as i was walking home i noticed they'd changed things completely. so much so, in fact, that my house was in an entirely different position than it had been in before. they'd planted a new tree, and taken away some bushes and trees, and gotten rid of the divider between our front deck and the neighbor's front deck--they were both one yard now. odd. to some of the workers i said, "there's no shade. this sucks my dick!" but in a friendly sort of way, attempting to maybe make friends with them. after all, it wasn't their idea to do this, they were just getting paid to follow instructions. i figured they knew what was up. the worker with a shaved head who was white said, "hey you're too young to say sucks me", even though i'd said "sucks my dick", and looked older than he looked. my mom stepped onto the deck and said hi, and i said, "look at this! we have no shade!" and she said, "yes we do" and moved a skinny little plant which provided no shade at all for us (but maybe some for the ants). "that", i said, "doesn't do anything! remember! there was lots of shade here before" and she denied it, lying. i got pissed off and cussed at them all and went upstairs to go track, node, or waste time some other way on the computer.

the next scene of my dream that i remember is talking to my mom in the car, while driving on a freeway, asking her why she'd lied about the shade in our front deck. she uttered something about how she did it to not seem like a bitch, because she was interested in one of the workers. i said something under my breath like, "fucking white cracker ass trailer trash" .. normally i'm not this racist or vulgar unless i'm joking with a friend every now and again, and besides, i'm half white so. but anyway she got a bit upset at me and i said, "whatever, they ain't got shit, they're not going anywhere, all they know how to do is move shit and pick shit up."

then i woke up.
It was the day of the big, annual, formal CHS Winter Wonderland Dance. My boyfriend was taking me. I was trying to get ready, but my family was going crazy. They suddenly decided we all needed to go to my cousin's house, three hours away.

We went there, and in the confusion, I was still trying to get ready for the dance and realized I never went out and bought a dress. I put on the dress from last year, did my hair, and went outside to wait for my boyfriend.

Then I thought "Oh yeah, I'm at my cousin's house, three hours away. How the hell is he going to find me, much less get here and back in time?"

Eventually I realized everything was going wrong and I should just give up. I wasn't going.

Then I woke up and realized how stupid that was, and felt the urge to go dress shopping.

My car had been stolen. I just looked out the window, and it was gone. This was late evening; it was dark outside. I didn't do anything, but I sort of flipped out a bit. This was much worse than the time it got broken into and my camera was stolen. In about a second, a cop car showed up; it was already parked by the next time I looked out the window in the process of flipping out. I ran to the door and unlocked it and opened it, hoping to talk to the cops. Instead, there were my Grandparents. My Grandparents as they were about ten years ago.

We sat down for dinner at the little yellow table with the homemade legs. I was no longer flipping out. The car and the cops weren't a concern anymore. Somehow, a full meal had miraculously appeared in my galley kitchen, some sort of goulash, and vegetables and such. I think we talked a bit, but I don't know about what. Then I woke up.

Maybe this is a sign that I should go visit my ailing Grandparents.

Hmm, I didn't notice if my car was still in it's spot this morning...

To be honest, I don't remember the dream itself, but I know that I woke up and had the most gut-wrenching feeling of missing somebody that I've ever felt. I didn't want to take a shower, I didn't want to go to work, I didn't even want to go back to bed, I just wanted a hug from my girlfriend. This behaviour is rather stupid, because not five hours previous to waking up did I get home from her house, where I always stay until way too late on a weekday. And its not like I can't go five hours without her...

I'm guessing I dreamed about her going away to college and leaving her life behind her. This fear/whine is explained in the daylog for August 24, 2000.

I had an extremely weird dream last night; not bad, but kinda tolerable. This is my first non-nightmare in quite some time. But then again, it wasn't exactly pleasant. Here's what happened...

I was at a spa with two friends, kinda like an upscale private YMCA sorta thing. The two friends were guys, which is what made the whole concept pretty twisted. They were both laying on their stomaches in seperate bathtubs/whirlpool/sauna type things side by side. Everyone was naked. I was kneeling in one tub, giving one of them a massage, when I felt bad for ignoring the other guy. So I went in his tub and gave him a lower back massage. I could tell it made him extremely uncomfortable, so I left him alone and went back to the first guy. After a little while longer, we all jumped into a huge, bottomless, chlorinated pool with sides reaching up ten feet in the air before reaching the floor we had jumped from. There were no ladders. We were the only three in the pool, when all of a sudden my mom appears at the side, peering into the pool and asking me what I'm wearing. I tried to deny being naked, but she could tell. My two friends had vanished. It was just my mom looking down at me from the side of the pool, and me trying to hide. Like I said, not very pleasant, but not exactly a nightmare. Could be worse, I guess. What does it mean? No clue.

The dream kinda shifted into another scene, where my back teeth were loose and I was pulling them out one by one. I somehow knew my teeth were coming out so 'they' could put a bit in my mouth (like a horse). When I woke up I had to make sure all my teeth were still there. Why can't I have happy dreams?

Dreamt at about 6 AM, I have already opened my eyes, but I'm trying to get some more rest before I have to get up to go to work.....

I am visiting my parents in the spring, just after the snow has melted. They want me to do a chore for them while I am home. My mom leads me out to the porch, facing the fenced-in part of the yard where we let our dog run.

The melting snow has exposed all the previously frozen dog turds that the dog laid down over the winter. I have to take our pooper scooper out to the back yard and pick them all up, otherwise it will create a huge stink as the days get warmer.

I can see quite a few of the turds from where I am standing on the porch, and they are huge. Each one is about three inches around and 6 inches long. They are cut off abruptly, as though they just came out of a soup can.

I wonder how our little Fox Terrier was ever able to create one. Then I see the dog in the yard, and I understand that my folks got a new dog without telling me aobut it. It's a jet-black spaniel of some sort with long soft hair. As I watch it wander around the yard, it squats down and lays another one of its monster turds before my eyes.

The pooper scooper I am supposed to use is not on the end of a long pole, but is instead a sort of modified dustpan. I will have to bend down to the ground, and somehow shove each turd into the scooper's maw.

I have always had a physically nauseous reaction to the presence and smell of fresh feces. My throat tightens up, my face flushes and gets sweaty, and I feel like I have to vomit. This has always been merely an initial reaction; after a minute or so, I am ok to see, smell, or even pick the stuff up with a baggie, but the initial reaction is unpleasent enough to make me despise working around it.

As far as I know, my parents have never known this. I spend about 20 minutes of my dream on the porch, trying to get out of turd duty without letting my mother know about my 'shit anxiety'. I wake up briefly during this period, but whenever I go back to sleep, I am always back on the porch with my mom, looking over the back yard.

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