i remembered that workers had been scheduled to do a bit of renovation around my condo complex, but i wasn't sure what it involved or what the outcome'd be. the night before, i'd gone out with my friends, but in the morning, i had to take the bus home. so as i was walking home i noticed they'd changed things completely. so much so, in fact, that my house was in an entirely different position than it had been in before. they'd planted a new tree, and taken away some bushes and trees, and gotten rid of the divider between our front deck and the neighbor's front deck--they were both one yard now. odd. to some of the workers i said, "there's no shade. this sucks my dick!" but in a friendly sort of way, attempting to maybe make friends with them. after all, it wasn't their idea to do this, they were just getting paid to follow instructions. i figured they knew what was up. the worker with a shaved head who was white said, "hey you're too young to say sucks me", even though i'd said "sucks my dick", and looked older than he looked. my mom stepped onto the deck and said hi, and i said, "look at this! we have no shade!" and she said, "yes we do" and moved a skinny little plant which provided no shade at all for us (but maybe some for the ants). "that", i said, "doesn't do anything! remember! there was lots of shade here before" and she denied it, lying. i got pissed off and cussed at them all and went upstairs to go track, node, or waste time some other way on the computer.

the next scene of my dream that i remember is talking to my mom in the car, while driving on a freeway, asking her why she'd lied about the shade in our front deck. she uttered something about how she did it to not seem like a bitch, because she was interested in one of the workers. i said something under my breath like, "fucking white cracker ass trailer trash" .. normally i'm not this racist or vulgar unless i'm joking with a friend every now and again, and besides, i'm half white so. but anyway she got a bit upset at me and i said, "whatever, they ain't got shit, they're not going anywhere, all they know how to do is move shit and pick shit up."

then i woke up.