Dreamt at about 6 AM, I have already opened my eyes, but I'm trying to get some more rest before I have to get up to go to work.....

I am visiting my parents in the spring, just after the snow has melted. They want me to do a chore for them while I am home. My mom leads me out to the porch, facing the fenced-in part of the yard where we let our dog run.

The melting snow has exposed all the previously frozen dog turds that the dog laid down over the winter. I have to take our pooper scooper out to the back yard and pick them all up, otherwise it will create a huge stink as the days get warmer.

I can see quite a few of the turds from where I am standing on the porch, and they are huge. Each one is about three inches around and 6 inches long. They are cut off abruptly, as though they just came out of a soup can.

I wonder how our little Fox Terrier was ever able to create one. Then I see the dog in the yard, and I understand that my folks got a new dog without telling me aobut it. It's a jet-black spaniel of some sort with long soft hair. As I watch it wander around the yard, it squats down and lays another one of its monster turds before my eyes.

The pooper scooper I am supposed to use is not on the end of a long pole, but is instead a sort of modified dustpan. I will have to bend down to the ground, and somehow shove each turd into the scooper's maw.

I have always had a physically nauseous reaction to the presence and smell of fresh feces. My throat tightens up, my face flushes and gets sweaty, and I feel like I have to vomit. This has always been merely an initial reaction; after a minute or so, I am ok to see, smell, or even pick the stuff up with a baggie, but the initial reaction is unpleasent enough to make me despise working around it.

As far as I know, my parents have never known this. I spend about 20 minutes of my dream on the porch, trying to get out of turd duty without letting my mother know about my 'shit anxiety'. I wake up briefly during this period, but whenever I go back to sleep, I am always back on the porch with my mom, looking over the back yard.