Mundane Dream
- I was in a small white room, only this was a kitchen. Apparently, I was a challenger on Iron Chef, and I waited while the M.C. Liberace dude came in to do the title sequence. Only it looked really funny, because it was just in this small plain white kitchen. Skip forward to the battle, and this was also quite mundane, as me and my not so Japanese associates (although I don't think I was doing any of the work) were cooking up lots of dishes using the theme ingredient which hadn't previously been announced: MIXED VEGETABLES. I remembered seeing a couple of artichokes cooking, and a few pots that were steaming mixed vegetables. Apparently it wasn't a competition, because I don't remember anyone else in the room from that point on.

Recurring/Signifigant Dream
- I was running. I kept running, and I was barefoot. For some reason, the lack of shoes was enabling me to at an incredibly fast speed. I was running at what was probably close to 90-100 mph. I was running down a grassy slope, with some trees spread about on either side. Only these trees seemed to be old, ancient, dying. I stopped running when I reached my destination. My church. Only this was not the church I frequent, this was much, much, older, as if the church that signifies my beliefs. It was made of a dark, dark stone, but despite it's ominous look, gave off an extreme air of peace and serenity. I went inside. There were only a few ghosts inside, as if everyone else had long since abandoned the church. I thought to myself, "am I really alone?".

Then I woke up.