Clint Eastwood was born May 31, 1930 as Clinton Eastwood Jr. in San Francisco. The son of itinerant workers in a economically depressed America, Clinton must have had some hard times whilst growing up, certainly he had to follow his parents all over California as they looked for work. I can't help wondering if this has helped his 'stoic' understated acting style.

They eventually settled in Oakland,where Clint attended Oakland Technical High School, graduating in 1948. Upon leaving high school he pursued several careers before taking up acting, including being a lumberjack in Oregon, working in steel mills, playing honky-tonk piano. Then in 1950 he was conscripted into the army, where for a time he acted as a swimming instructor. It was in the army that he met actors David Janssen and Martin Milner, who convinced him to move out to Los Angeles on leaving the forces. In about 1955 he took up acting, getting paid around $75 a week working for Universal playing bit part roles in various low budget films. His first parts being in the science fiction pictures Revenge of the Creature (1955), and Tarantula (1955).

Clint's first real big break came when he landed the role Rowdy Yates in the television series, Rawhide in 1959. Over time he in fact became more popular with viewers the the lead, Eric Fleming, Clint I don't think was really truly happy though, his youthfull looks meant his parts tended to be juvenile roles; then in 1964 he took a risk and starred in Sergio Leone's 'Spaghetti Western', A Fistful Of Dollars (a remake of Yojimbo). This was where he hit the big time, with his role of the unpredictable, violent character, The Man With No Name (a role in fact turned down by James Coburn and Charles Bronson). The sequels, For a Few Dollars More (1965), and The Good the Bad and the Ugly (1966) secured his position of a bankable star, particulary in Europe. This also revitalised the whole Western genre, turning on it's head the notion of the clean cut, moral hero.

Hollywood no doubt scenting money on the wind, lured Eastwood back with $400,000 and 25% of the gross, to make the film Hang 'em High (1968). It was during the shooting that Clint started to do many of his own stunts, including in this film being dragged across the Rio Grande by a rope around his neck. This film has a lot of similar elements to Leone's Westerns, the hero is a slight anti-hero; the soundtrack harks back to Ennio Morricones music in the 'Dollar' films... Just the kind of thing Hollywood still does today; pinch the bankable ideas and (re)make them with HUGE budgets.
The next film Clint made was for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Where Eagles Dare (1969) set in WWII; but it wasn't until he made Dirty Harry in 1971 that he really made a film he would be remembered for thoughout film history. Dirty Harry again sees him playing a anti-hero type character; a police man but ruthless, violent and on the knife edge of being as bad as those he arrests. Clint reprised this role another four times in sequels, Magnum Force (1973), The Enforcer (1976), Sudden Impact (1983), and The Dead Pool (1988). Sudden Impact has the line "Go ahead, make my day."; one line that a very large proportion of the entire population of the planet will have heard and probably used!

His next but one film after the 1971 Dirty Harry, Play Misty For Me saw his debut as a director and over the next 30 years he directed most of the films he starred in, culminating in Unforgiven which won him an Academy Award for best producer and director. This film is perhaps as stark as Leone's 'Dollar' films, but here violence is largely absent, except for the explosive end-scene. Or if present clearly presented as showing unevolvedbehaviour. This 'put the boot into' Hollywood, the film establishment often regarded his films as playing to the lowest common denominator, and morally suspect.

Clint has lead a very full life, including serving 2 years as mayor of Carmel, California, where he owns a pub the 'Hog's Breath, and a resort lodge on the outside of town. He's found the time to marry twice, firstly to Maggie Johnson (1953-1980) having two children, Kyle (born 1968) and Alison (born 1972). Out of this wedlock he also fathered Kimber (1964) by Roxanne Tunis, and then after this wedding two further children by Jacelyn Reeves, Scott (1986) and Kathryn (1988), then with Francis Fisher he fathered Francesca Ruth. In 1996 he married Tina Ruiz their daughter, Morgan, appearing in December of the same year.


Million Dollar Baby dir.(2004)
Mystic River dir. (2003) Blood Work dir. (2002)
Space Cowboys dir. (2000)
True Crime dir. (1999)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil dir. (1997)
Absolute Power dir. (1997)
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Bird dir. (1988)
The Dead Pool (1988)
Heartbreak Ridge dir. (1986)
Pale Rider dir. (1985)
Tightrope (1984)
City Heat (1984)
Sudden Impact dir. (1983)
Honkytonk Man dir.(1982)
Firefox dir. (1982)
Any Which Way You Can (1980)
Bronco Billy dir. (1980)
Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
Every Which Way But Loose (1978)
The Gauntlet dir. (1977)
The Enforcer (1976)
The Outlaw Josey Wales dir. (1976)
The Eiger Sanction dir. (1975)
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
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Breezy dir. (1973)
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Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)
Kelly's Heroes (1970)
Paint Your Wagon (1969)
Where Eagles Dare (1969)
Coogan's Bluff (1968)
Hang 'em High (1968)
The Witches (1966)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
For a Few Dollars More (1965)
A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958)
Lafayette Escadrille (1958)
Escapade in Japan (1957)
The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)
Away All Boats (1956)
Star in the Dust (1956)
Never Say Goodbye (1956)
Tarantula (1955)
Lady Godiva (1955)
Francis in the Navy (1955)

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Play the entire bassline super soft except for the walk down in the bass fill.

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