The best supernatural western out there. Clint Eastwood plays the Preacher, who arrives to a little mining town on siege by a big mining company.

Eastwood's character is suitably cool and hard. His entrance, while the Apocalypse is being read, is just the shape of things to come. He is at times a phantom, a haunted spirit that has come back to settle some old accounts. Not much is explained about his character, but a lot is given away with glances.

The movie is quite well done, directed by Clint himself, in a very raw and hard-hitting style that fits the movie well. The other actors are quite good, but Eastwood manages to steal the show perfectly characterized as the Preacher; a great departure (or evolution) from his previous cowboys.

All in all, perhaps my favourite movie; I sure enjoy it a lot every time I see it. It is not the masterpiece that Unforgiven is, but it is much more easy to watch.

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