In the strictest sense of the word this is not a bong because the air is not filtered through water. However like a gravity bong this has it's place in every stoners arsenal. I have found that gravity bongs can be messy and hard to control especially in the hands of the high. The bucket bong in the hands of a master can be a truly powerful tool.


  • Bucket of Water preferably you will need a good sturdy bucket which can hold a fair amount of water, you want it to be able to stand upright if it gets the occasional knock. You will be very stoned soon and the last thing you want to do is kick over a full bucket.
  • Drinks Bottle with the entire base cut off, we wont be cutting any namby pamby little holes anywhere. I recommend around a 2-litre capacity although it is up to you. I have seen water cooler bottles used but this is in the major leagues. You want the bottle to sit on the base of the bucket and sit proud of the water by a couple of inches.
  • Gauze I would recommend a dedicated gauze for this job as you will definitely get a much smoother burn. As is always the case you may need to create a gauze from scratch, so the bong creators friend silver foil will come to your rescue. Do make sure that you make a lot of holes with a pin creating the best gauze you can.
  • Fire by choice go for a decent lighter that wont turn into a heat sink while you use it, you can use matches but it’s difficult to relight matches during the process.
  • Gear first choice hash but grass has it’s own special hit when used with this bong


  • Fill Your Gauze away from the bucket, you will be so annoyed to carefully fill the bowl and then accidentally knock it into the water. Carefully place the gauze in position and make sure you have a reasonably good airtight seal.
  • Light Up and hold your fire over the gear as you slowly raise the bottle, creating a steady flow of air and fire through the gauze. You should have good burn by at least a third of the way up your bottle. If you don’t have a good fire going gently pump the bong to get good combustion (see Warnings).
  • Presentation when you have burned all the gear or reached the limit of the bottle stop and remove the gauze replacing it with the flat of your hand. You can let the smoke stand for a while as you prepare for the huge quantity of smoke you are about to breath in
  • Inhale it’s best to take all the smoke in one go although quite possible to share. The best method is to force the bottle down driving the smoke directly into your lungs. If you do it right you should get a little bit of water in your mouth which you can spit out or use to lubricate your parched throat later.
  • Sit Back and enjoy, with practise you will begin to handle bigger and better hits but do start off slowly or else you won’t be talking for a couple of days. Remember it’s not the cough that kills you, it’s the coughing that carries you away.


  • Blow Back be very careful to keep a steady pressure on the flow of air. You should be able to pump the bong to get full use of your gear. However be aware that to much downwards pressure will cause the gauze to fly off scattering hot rocks either into the water(a waste) or over you(much pain).
  • Flame Lock if you are using a homemade gauze be careful to keep the flow slow and steady, if you don't flames may begin to flicker beneath the gauze causing it to blow back as above.

Master Class

Once you have mastered the skills necessary to produce a bucket on demand you can move onto the next stage of your training. Increasing your dosage to your hearts desire, this is a real sit back and enjoy the rush bong so break out your best tunes. Try to reach the stage when you can join the ten bucket club, not all in a row unless you have lungs of steel but over the course of a couple of hours.

The most impressive of all the stunts I have seen done with the bucket bong was by Toon a deeply dangerous stoner who had no fear of anything. This trick cannot be done alone so enlist the aid of a friend to pull your bucket for you, just make sure it is placed close to a wall. When ready perform a handstand over the bucket using the wall for support and inhale the smoke as you do handstand pushups. When done correctly you can do a couple before you have to come down, when done badly you can end up drowning yourself.


Now that you understand the technology, understand the ritual of its use. Courtesy dictates that smokers sit in a circle, the bucket is passed counter clockwise. When joining the circle, sit to the left of the person currently on the bucket. Naturally one should always inquire whether it's okay to smoke someone else's hooch before doing so, and accept any polite refusal one might receive. A gracious host (The host being the owner of the premises, or if not present, the owner or assembler of the bucket) shall assist anyone inexperienced in the usage of such a device. The host may delegate such responsibility towards another but such delegation is considered impolite if the host is capable him or herself. It is not okay to laugh at anyone who messes up. It is okay to laugh at anyone who has 8 cones and then proceeds to behave in a humourous manner. Above all, avoid a copper cone, as they can sometimes produce toxic chemicals. Practice safe sucks.

There is some fine advice on this node, but I felt that I should add some more. What is described above I have normally referred to as simply a 'bucket'. It is, however, perfectly possible to construct a bucket bong.

You will need a bong head and a short length of tubing, and the same equipment as above.Start as outlined above, but create a hole in the bottle lid large enough to feed the tubing through. The tubing should reach down no further than the point at which you cut the bottom off at. Push the bottle as far down in the water as it will go, and screw the bottle cap back on Attach the head to the tube, fill with grass or solids, preferably a nice mixture of both and pull the bottle up while applying your flame of choice.

It will be a little difficult to pull to start with but once the critical point has been achieved, air will begin to be pulled over the head and through the tube, bubbling up and filling the bottle with lovely cooled smoke

Have two in a row, you deserve it, after all the engineering work....

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