Bongs are easy to make, and once you get started, you realize you can make a bong out of anything. The most common type and easiest to make is practically a simple pipe. Your basic bong making ingredients are:
  1. 1 20oz plastic bottle.
  2. 1 pen (Bic work the best)
  3. A little bit of tinfoil
  4. Marijuana, tobacco, or anything else worth smoking.
Take the pen and poke it through the side of bottle about halfway up the side. Now take the pen apart until all you have is the shaft. Put the shaft through the hole angled down. Now, take cap off the bottle. Take the tinfoil and mold it into the mouth of the bottle. It should be recessed into the mouthpiece. Next, take a small sharp object (sewing pin, back of an earring, whatever) and poke holes in the tinfoil. Now place your smoking material of choice on top of the tinfoil, light, and suck through the straw. You are now on your way to being a certified bong technician.

You can spice things up a little bit by converting your mere pipe into a full fledged water bong. The advantage of a water bong is that it filters the smoke and removes all the nasty stuff. To convert your pipe into a water bong, take the tinfoil and make a funnel looking thing on the end of the pen. Now fill the bottle up about 1/2 the way with water. Place the smoking material in the funnel and light. Suck through the mouthpiece. When you inhale it creates a vacuum and the smoke is brought in through the pen and into the water, where it is filtered. The chamber will now fill with very concentrated, cleaned smoke. You are now ready to get high.
You fools inhaling hot gases through plastics deserve all the lung damage you can breathe in. This particular organ is your primary life support and some plastics tend to release their more toxic components under heat...

Besides, it's much more elegant and fun to use glass, pyrex, stainless steel, aluminium, select rubbers, beeswax at a pinch, o-rings, magnets... clean water... see your Certified Bong Technician.
This is sort of like the other one above.

What you need:

1 64 ounce gatorade bottle

1 1/2 foot long piece of flexible 1/8 in. tubing

Tinfoil and a thumb tack

What to do:

Take the cap and cut the middle of the cap out so that its just a circle that still screws onto the bottle. Take a pen and jam it about a third of the way up the big round part of the bottle. Then stick the tubing about 4 in. into the bottle. Cover the bottle cap ring with tin foil; poke about 6-8 holes into the foil.

Light up and enjoy.

You can fill it with water up to about where the end of the tube is into the bottle. (make sure the water does not go up to the hole though) Make a small funnel out of tin foil and stick it into the tubing. Breath fron the top of the bottle.

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