A relative of the gravity bong, the waterfall bong uses water pressure and primitive hydraulics to create dense quantities of smoke that are easily inhaled.

The History
The Waterfall Bong was invented during Spring Break 2003. Nine friends and I drove ourselves the 12 hours to a friend's veritable mansion on North Carolina's Outer Banks, where we basked daily in the 104-degree hot tub under the cold tradewinds and grey skies. To celebrate the week away from school, we brought more than an ounce of tobacco and $300+ of soda, and enjoyed the fruits of our vacation in parentless splendor.

One day we had just finished a round of tobacco-smoking out of my 3½-liter gravity bong in the hot tub. After the tobacco was finished with the few of us in the hot tub were sitting around, kind of dazed and idly babbling about random things. I was playing with the gravity bong — filling the bottomless bottle with water, capping the top with my hand, holding it above the tub and letting its contents rush out and make a big splash. Fun.

From observing the flow of water in this bottomless bottle, I wondered if it was possible to combine two gravity bongs to take advantage of hydraulics. A few seconds later, I had stumbled upon the idea for The Waterfall Bong, and a week later I had constructed one and Saw That It Was Good.

And so, without further ado, the Guide to Making Your Own Waterfall Bong:

The Construction
For this you will need:

  • Two Plastic Bottles with caps — any size should work, but 2-liter or larger is quite a lot of smoke to deal with and is pretty heavy when filled with water
  • A Metal Bowl — the size depends on the bottles you have; for 20oz soda bottles, a regular metal bowl available at your local tobacco supply store for no more than $2 is you best bet; note: using anything made of aluminum (tin foil, soda cans) is very bad for your lungs
  • A Knife
  • Duct Tape
  1. Cut the bottoms off each bottle. Cut one near the very bottom of the bottle, where the plastic curves inward to make the bottom of the bottle; cut the other further up where the plastic is as wide as it gets. These differences in the cuts help create an easy airtight seal (not really necessary, but it makes it easier to deal with).
  2. Fit the two bottles together — the inward-tapering bottle end goes inside the straight bottle end. Tape the two bottles together, making the seal as airtight as possible.
  3. Carve or drill a hole in one of the caps — the hole should be just wide enough that the stem of the bowl fits snugly into the hole. This seal should be as airtight as possible.

The Use
For this you will need:

  • A Bathtub, Sink, or Bucket large enough to fully submerge the contraption
  • Quite a Bit of Tobacco
  • A Lighter
  • One or More Other People
  1. With only the bottom cap (the one without the hole/bowl) on, fill the bong with water. Make sure you keep your lighter thumb dry.
  2. Screw on the top cap; fill bowl with tobacco.
  3. With someone else holding the water-filled bong, light the tobacco while unscrewing the bottom cap. Because of some law of fluid dynamics, the slower the water pours out, the higher the smoke-to-air ratio will be, so your best bet is to unscrew it slowly so water leaks out but the cap's still on (this makes it a kind of throttle, I suppose). The goal is to get just enough water pouring out so no smoke escapes into the atmosphere. With enough practice you can create super-dense hits very easily and quickly, it just takes some time and effort (it's definitely worth it).
  4. When all the water has poured out (you should have a smoke-filled bong now), unscrew the top cap, place your lips over the top bottleneck, and breathe in after unscrewing the bottom cap.

An idea I'm pretty sure would work, but I've never tried: in place of step four above, unscrew the top cap and put a balloon over the top bottleneck. Re-submerge the bong so just the balloon sticks above the water level and unscrew the bottom cap completely — the water rushing back into the bong will push all the smoke into the balloon, and now you have a Hit in a Balloon!

So far the Waterfall Bongs I've created have been great successes and will very quickly get you very tobaccified. Be careful, this quantity and density of smoke is more than most people are used to, even frequent bong-users. Exercise Caution and Enjoy Responsibly.

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