Now that you understand the technology, understand the ritual of its use. Courtesy dictates that smokers sit in a circle, the bucket is passed counter clockwise. When joining the circle, sit to the left of the person currently on the bucket. Naturally one should always inquire whether it's okay to smoke someone else's hooch before doing so, and accept any polite refusal one might receive. A gracious host (The host being the owner of the premises, or if not present, the owner or assembler of the bucket) shall assist anyone inexperienced in the usage of such a device. The host may delegate such responsibility towards another but such delegation is considered impolite if the host is capable him or herself. It is not okay to laugh at anyone who messes up. It is okay to laugh at anyone who has 8 cones and then proceeds to behave in a humourous manner. Above all, avoid a copper cone, as they can sometimes produce toxic chemicals. Practice safe sucks.