...like you.

Um, yes. One more time then shall we:

"If there were more people like you, there would be less people like you"

An infamous quotation which can be attributed to Hawkeye Pierce (aka Alan Alda) from M.A.S.H.. At the time, I believe he was speaking to some gung ho army dude who kept insisting on doing many stupidly brave deeds even though he wasn't quite fit enough to do them.
This could also be used to describe certain people that do stupid things that endanger others. The ones that if there were more like them, there would be more accidents, disasters, and the like.

For example, people who drink and drive - the more there are, the more car accidents, the more deaths. Or presidents who sell arms to other countries. Or people who have problems with road rage

The people who we really wish would off themselves in a manner that affects nobody else, before they do harm someone else.

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