Short for "cartoon", this is what cartoon characters were called in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

Also, it's a roleplaying game, written by Greg Kostikyan, developed by Warren Spector, and published by Steve Jackson Games, in which players portray cartoon characters. Toons can't be killed by anything in the game, although they can be crushed flat by an anvil or shot out of a cannon into a brick wall or eaten by a giant Venus flytrap or severely beaten by dinosaurs...

In addition to the main Toon book by Kostikyan, several followups have been published, all written primarily by Robert "Doc" Cross. The "Tooniversal Tour Guide" focuses on new genres that Toon can be played in, including cyberpunk, fantasy, space opera, superheroes, and even parodies of other games, including "Call of Cthulhu", "Mekton", and "Car Wars". "Toon Tales" adds a few more genres (film noir, martial arts, and Westerns), plus some new adventures. And the "Toon Ace Catalog" is full of gadgets, weapons, and assorted geegaws that Toon characters can use.

Toon is one of the simplest and most enjoyable games around. There aren't a whole lot of stats and skills to remember, and the gameplay is quick, easy to learn, and fairly seamless. You've got your hit points (when you run out, you Fall Down for either three minutes or three turns, then can jump right back into the mayhem), some very basic attributes (Muscle, Zip, Smarts, and Chutzpah), and a small number of skills that cover everything from fighting to running to identifying dangerous things to detecting (and passing!) shoddy goods, like a certain coyote would buy from the Acme Corporation. You can also get Schticks, which allow you to do crazy, Toony stuff like walking up walls, fooling people with unconvincing disguises, and hypnotizing folks to make them act like chickens. Character backgrounds are as simple as writing down your description, your species, and your beliefs and goals.

Toon is a blast to play, as long as you remember to think like a toon. The rulebooks even advise players and GMs (called Animators) to completely ignore or change the rules, if necessary, to keep the game running fast and funny. With the right players, it really is a lot like starring in your own Warner Brothers cartoon...

Toon (?), obs.

pl. of Toe.



© Webster 1913.

Toon (?), n. [Hind. tun, tun, Skr. tunna.] Bot.

The reddish brown wood of an East Indian tree (Cedrela Toona) closely resembling the Spanish cedar; also. the tree itself.


© Webster 1913.

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