Hollywood's most successful midget. Born in 1924 (although there are some disputes of this: apparently Mr. Barty doesn't have a birth certificate) under the name "William John Bertanzetti", Mr. Barty has appeared in at least 74 films since 1930. His most notable films in nerd memory include UHF (as Noodles MacIntosh, the cameraman), Willow (the High Aldwin), Legend (Screwball), and Foul Play (J.J. MacKuen). He also took part in the Sid & Marty Krofft shows. He worked alongside the likes of Elvis, Reagan, Busby Berkeley, Kirk Douglas, Mickey Rooney, and Jerry Lewis. Despite appearing in the Super Dave film, he is considered by many to be a fine actor.

Barty has started two foundations, The Little People Of America, founded in 1957, and the Billy Barty Foundation in 1975.

Billy Barty had aspirations of being a sportswriter or an announcer after leaving college (he majored in journalism), but ended up going to New York City to co-host a children's show. He also had a short-lived semi-pro baseball career. His batting average was .500 -- one for two. He also had 45 walks and 7 stolen bases.

Unfortunately, Barty passed away due to heart failure on December 23, 2000 at the age of 76. He will be missed.


Filmography information from imdb.com

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