The full name of the He-Man cartoon we all love is actually He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. However, when they decided to release a live action He-Man movie, the title was shortened to just Masters of the Universe.

The movie was panned by just about everyone. Even He-Man fans were upset at how little the movie followed the cartoon. The basic plot was about the He-Man characters coming to Earth in search of the "cosmic key". An Earth teenager gets caught up and it all works itself out by the end. According to the IMDB, it cost 22 million and grossed only 17. The cast (which I also blatantly stole from the IMDB) was:

Dolph Lundgren .... He-Man
Frank Langella .... Skeletor
Billy Barty .... Gwildor
Jon Cypher .... Man-at-Arms
Courteney Cox (yes, that Courtney Cox) .... Julie Winston

Blah blah blah there's a bunch of other people who were barely heard from again playing roles barely related to the cartoon. Interestingly enough a sequel was planned (after the credits you can hear Skeletor say I'll be back) though was never made, for obvious reasons. The script was turned into the Jean-Claude Van Damme flick Cyborg (this fact was also stolen from the IMDB, notice a trend?)

For information on the cartoon, check out the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe node.

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