Davene Johanna Heatherton, b. September 14, 1944 in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York.

Joey Heatherton, perhaps best known for her suggestive and risque dancing and her legs, began her career in entertainment in ballet. The daughter of Ray Heatherton, who was known for his work on television as the "Merry Mailman," she had the right connections to take her study of ballet, jazz dancing and acting to Broadway. Her most notable early work included taking The Sound of Music to Broadway.

Her first film was the now much forgotten Twilight of Honor in 1963. From there she made regular appearances on The Tonight Show and the Dean Martin Show and hooked up with Bob Hope for lengthy USO tours of Vietnam during a war that apparently happened there.

She appeared in a handful of films during the late sixties and through the seventies, most of which are not notable as worthwhile additions to a classic film library. Her most famous film, The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, had her playing Xaviera Hollander in the sequel to The Happy Hooker. The controversy of a film dealing with glamourizing the adult film industry landed Heatherton into the bin marked "those people," but hey, how bad could a film be that also features Ray Walston, Adam West and Billy Barty?

Since then, Joey Heatherton has done work in commercials, and had a stint in the John Waters' film Cry-Baby as Milton's mother. Well, you say, that film came out in 1990, so what the heck has she been doing since? The only answer my research can provide, as far as Joey Heatherton's work in film and entertainment in the last ten years is "not a lot."

Some sources state Joey Heatherton was married to a professional football player named Lance who was arrested for exposing himself to children while they were married.

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