... I've done about thirty-five pageants. I guess my most memorable one'd have to be Miss Teen America, 1995. It was in Vegas. My roommate did Adam West. She said he was sooo horny.

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Adam West is an actor who is best known for playing Batman during the 1960s.

His given name was William West Anderson and he was born in Walla Walla Washington on September 19, 1928. His parents were Audrey and Otto Anderson.

As a young boy he enjoyed reading comic books and one of his favorite characters was Batman. He saw Batman as part detective and part Count Dracula ,but without the whole blood sucking angle. Adam moved to Seattle in 1938 when his mother remarried. From there he went to Lakeside School and then attended Whitman College. During his last year at Whitman he married his first wife, a 17 year old girl named "Billy Lou Yeager. Soon after his marriage he graduated with degrees in literature and psychology.

Adam's first entertainment job was as a radio disc jockey. Although he was soon drafted into the military, where he started military television stations in California and New Jersey. From there he did some travelling in Europe and eventually made his way to Hawaii, where he did work on a children's show entitled "The Kini Popo Show". While in Hawaii Adam divorced Billy Lou and married a Tahitian lady named "Ngatokoruaimatauaia", whom he called "Nga" for short. He had two children with Nga and then moved to Hollywood where he started going by the name "Adam West" and started acting in various westerns.

Adam soon divorced again in 1962. In 1966 Adam landed his defining role, the role of Batman on the ABC television show of the same name. The show only lasted for three years, but Adam was an international superstar by the time it was over. People so strongly identified him as Batman that he was almost completely unable to find work for several years after the Batman series ended.

In 1972 Adam was married again to a Ms. Marcelle Lear, he inherited a pair of stepchildren, and the couple had two more children of their own. Adam's career started taking off again, and he has been working fairly steadily ever since.


Adam's career is so long and he has done so much work that I am only listing movies here. He also has done work on hundreds of television shows.

Editors Note:

Adam West died in Los Angeles, California on June 9, 2017, following a brief battle with leukemia. He was 88.

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