A movie released in 1987 that starred one Patrick Swayze, and Jennifer Grey. I suppose most every teen girl at the time lusted after Swayze's character, Johnny Castle, and the movie was crazily popular. (Yes, of course, I was sucked in too...)

It was directed by Emile Ardolino, and was one of those coming of age movies, you know? "Oh, oh, look at me, growing up oh so fast, I used to be so terribly innocent." Of course, everybody likes those (or not). The reason men don't like it as much is probably due to the mushiness factor, and even if they did like it, they wouldn't admit it.

I suppose we can add this to the list of cult classics, now couldn't we? It's a decent movie.. lots of dancing, dancing of the dirty sort, which would account for the abundance of steamy (as far as 80's standards went) scenes.

The soundtrack happened to be quite a success as well, and there was even a Dirty Dancing soundtrack tour with various artists performing. Overall, one of the most successful 80's movies out there.

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