In the year 1933...

*The Golden Gate Bridge begins construction.

*Newsweek debuts.

*Prohibition ends.

*Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes President of the United States.

*Adolf Hitler becomes dictator of Germany and calls for boycotts of Jewish produced goods and Jewish-owned businesses and book burnings. The Gestapo is also established.

*In India, Gandhi begins a hunger strike

*The Loch Ness Monster is sighted in Scotland

*The World's Fair is held in Chicago.

*The first drive-in movie theater opens in Camden, New Jersey.

*Albert Einstein, a Jew flees his native Germany for the United States.

*Ruth Wakefield invents Chocolate Chip cookies

People Born in 1933:

* Japanese musician and artist, Yoko Ono

* American singers, Nina Simone, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Conway Twitty, Lou Rawls

* English Actors, Michael Caine, Joan Collins, Marty Feldman

* American Record Producer, Quincy Jones

* American actors, Frank Gorshin, Elizabeth Montgomery, Gene Wilder, Dom Deluise, Julie Newmar, Tom Skrerrit, Tim Conway, Wayne Rogers and Jayne Mansfield

*Football player, Johnny Unitas

*Black Muslim Leader, Louis Farrakhan

*TV Personalities, Joan Rivers and Larry King

*Evangelist, Jerry Falwell

*Texas Governor, Ann Richards

*American Politician, Michael Dukakis

*Puppeteer and originator of the roles of Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Carroll Spinney.

People and animals who died in 1933

*Former President Calvin Coolidge

*Jewelry and glass designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany

*Animator and creator of Felix the Cat, Pat Sullivan

*Balto, the sled dog

*Singer, Jimmie Rodgers

*Comedian, Roscoe Arbuckle

Some films realeased in 1933

*King Kong

*Duck Soup

*The Invisible Man

*The Private Life of Henry VIII

* The First Popeye cartoon

*Disney's Three Little Pigs

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