The Undead, a New York City punk band, initially formed around 1980 under the leadership of Bobby Steele. For those who don't recognize the name, Bobby is a former guitarist for The Misfits. A traditional three-piece band (drums, guitar, bass), The Undead have gone through over two dozen members, with their founding father as the only constant.

The music of the Undead follows the tried-and-true Punk recipe:

Pour two cups of dark, liquid social angst rock over a bitter flour of rage and righteousness. Shape this dough into little cookies that resemble Nazi policemen,smug middle-class drones, and those faceless bastards that support the status quo. Sprinkle liberally with sex, drugs, broken relationships, and vinegar. Let sit until violent foaming begins. Knead thoroughly with pounding drums until cookies begin to resonate on their own accord. Torment with raw and dirty chords until the entire army of cookiedom stands up and begins assaulting its own members to a pulp.

What I'm trying to say here is "The Undead are punk rawk. Good old-fashioned NYC punk rawk."

While they are not a "cover band" in any sense of the word, The Undead have been known to take a few rock classics and give them thorough thrashings. Notable victims include The Beatles' "All You Need is Love", Allan Sherman's "Ratt Fink" and an amazingly coherent rendition of Barry McGuire's 1965 hit "Eve of Destruction".

Though I can't begin to count all the known bootlegs, we can iterate their official releases (and labels):

"9 Toes Later"                        Post Mortem (1983)
"Verbal Abuse"                        Post Mortem (1983)
"Never Say Die"                       Post Mortem (1985)
"Never Say Die!"                      Rebel (1986)
"Never Say Die!"                      Post Mortem (1987)
"Act Your Rage"                       Post Mortem (1989)
"Dawn of the Undead"                  Post Mortem (1991)
"Live Slayer"                         Skyclad (1992)
"Invisible Man"                       Skyclad (1992)
"Evening of Desire"                   Overground  (1992)
"There's a Riot in Tompkins Square"   Overground (1993)
"The Undead"                          Post Mortem (1995)
"Til Death!"                          Underworld (1998)

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