1. A figure of speech for the whole truth, stripped of all accoutrements.

2. An awful sitcom starring Tea Leone. She played a newspaper reporter.

3. The translation of a new Russian news program. The reporters are buxom, attractive, and surprisingly intelligent. They often report topless, and interviewed a Russian politician (someone famous. I forget who.) topless. The weather report is a very long striptease. "Your move, Roker..." - Jon Stewart
A sitcom starring Téa Leoni, where she played a newspaper reporter named Nora Wilde who was fired from her cushy job at a real newspaper in the first episode and had to go work for a tabloid. It aired on ABC for a season, but was then cancelled and picked up by NBC.

Just about every single season it was on (1995-1998), the show was COMPLETELY revamped--Wilde herself was the only character that never changed. Several times, the actors stayed the same and only the characters they played changed--hence the transformation of Dave Fontaine into Stupid Dave in the later episodes. Much of this was done with no explanation or transitions, making it even more maddening. I thought the first season was the funniest of any of them; all the changes made after that point were for the worse.

Téa Leoni as Nora Wilde
George Wendt as Les Polonsky (1997)
Jack Blessing as Mr. Donner (1995-1996)
Jonathan Penner as Nick Columbus (1995-1997)
Mark Roberts as Stupid Dave/Dave Fontaine (1995-1998)
Darryl Sivad as T.J. (1995-1997)
Holland Taylor as Camilla Dane (1995-1998)

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