Ugly Naked Guy was a a character on the TV show Friends. He was a nudist and lived across the street from Monica and Rachel. He was only ever shown on camera once, (from behind), and he never had any lines. But you always knew what he was up to, since you could see right into his apartment. Because he never closed his blinds.

The characters on the show were always morbidly obsessed with this guy. I guess there is just something strangely attractive about an overweight nudist, so they were always looking in on him.

He was quite a running joke for many seasons. But he was also the focus of the plot on 2 episodes.

Ugly Naked Guy sighting

He got a thighmaster in Episode 102

He laid tile in Episode 105

During a black out he managed to burn a sensitive, (read naughty) area on a candle in Episode 107

At Thanksgiving Ugly Naked Gal came over and they danced in Episode 109

He uses a hula hoop in Episode 117

He uses gravity boots in Episode 120

He decorates his Christmas tree in Episode 209

He plays the Cello in Episode 211

Episode 308 is all about him, (He falls asleep in a hammock and everyone thinks that he is dead).

He is mentioned briefly in Episode 506

Finally in Episode 514 Ross gets naked with him so he can move into his apartment. (This is not nearly as dirty as it sounds).

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