A character from the Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament. Rachel was the daughter of Laban and the wife of Jacob. She bore him two sons, Joseph and Benoni or Benjamin. She died in childbirth.

When Jacob asked for Rachel's hand in marriage Laban made him work for him for seven years first, and then instead of giving Jacob Rachel, Laban made him marry Leah the older daughter first, and work another seven years before marring Rachel. When she married her father gave her a handmaid Bilhah.

Character from the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner (Bladerunner). Rachel is a replicant but she has been infused with the memories of Tyrell's niece. She remembers such things as being afraid of a spider when she was young and truly believes that they're hers. However, she still does not pass a Voight-Kampff test. She becomes romantically involved with Deckard. She saves his life and they run away to the country. She is likely to have a four-year life span though, since she is a replicant.

Rachael Nevada is located practically in the middle of the state along highway 305. A small unassuming town who's only claim to fame is its relative proximity to the Nevada Test Site, the location of the long rumoured Area 51. This proximity and the inevitable tourist trade it generates, is probably the only thing keeping this two horse town afloat. Every year hundreds if not thousands of ill educated but verbose pseudo scienceticians flow through Rachael on their way to find a conspiracy that doesn't exist. They inevitably stop at the Lil-A-Li-Inn for a cup of coffee and some cheap alien souveniers before heading out into the desert to be arrested for tresspassing.

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