Born George Jorgenson (May 30, 1926, New York, N.Y., U.S.--d. May 3, 1989, San Clemente, Calif.) In 1952 became the world's first non-hermaphrodite recipient of a sex-change operation.

At an early age, Jorgensen claimed s/he was tormented by feelings of being a woman trapped inside a man's body. An Army vet, s/he was treated with extensive psychotherapy and hormone injections. That, combined with multiple surgeries transformed Jorgensen into a chick and s/he became a celebrity. S/he lectured and wrote an autobiography that was later turned into a motion picture. S/he never wed and died of cancer.

A Danish hermaphrodite named Einar Wegener underwent a sex change operation in Berlin March 5,1930. He assumed the identity of Lili Elbe, and had ovaries implanted.

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