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One Hundred Years Of Solitude - durrrrr

This, of course, is all superceded by school reading. *cry*

I took the sparkMATCH test. It's offensive in how accurate it is.

"Caring, mobile, and torn. Lucifer was a Backstroker. So was Ted Bundy, like most other serial killers. You, too, are a Backstroker. You're burst of fickle kindness: intense, fleeting, dangerous, and tragically brief, like a gunshot in the wind, or Princess Di. You find a lot of enjoyment in loving people, but your love is ferocious and somewhat unpredictable. Your romantic intentions aren't bad; you just aren't careful enough to make sure you aren't hurting people in the process. Please tear along the dotted line. Also, you're probably sexually frustrated--you want to be a player, but can't really bring yourself to perform emotion-less sex with all manner of women. For instance, when a loved one is down, you might nestle their head into your lap and rub and scratch their back until they feel better. All the while, you'd rather be ramming. That's your problem, in a nutshell. You probably shouldn't be using SparkMatch."

It says something about how aloof I am in how it took me 5 months after I came back to erase the part about being at Exeter. Gawd.