One of the best actors who ever graced the silver screen, and prior to that, a British recording artist, whose work is a cornerstone of modern British comedy.

One of his best movies is Kubrick's Dr.Strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, in which he played three distinct roles: Captain Mandrake, President Muffley and Dr. Strangelove.

His other best known role was Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films. Clouseau also popped up in non-PP movies such as 1964's A shot in the dark.

Born September 8,1925 and died of a heart attack on July 24, 1980, Sellers was a comedic genius and perfected a style of physical and hilarious slapstick pioneered by Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, and later emulated by those such as Martin Short, Jim Carrey, and especially Eddie Murphy. He is also know for playing many characters in a single film. My personal favorite is The Mouse That Roared

His roles are as follows: (thanks to the IMDB)

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