The first sequel to the legendary Blake Edwards movie "The Pink Panther". Filmed in 1964.

Peter Sellers, who plays a supporting role to David Niven at The Pink Panther grabs the leading role here in this movie and never gives it back.

Herbert Lom is also fantastic with the lunatic chief inspector character. Also starring a young and beautiful Elke Sommers, the movie shines with its cast.

A typical Blake Edwards, A Shot In The Dark makes you laugh, makes you wonder why, makes you wonder who, makes you want to watch it again every time.

Peter Sellers, being one of the best actors England produced, and the funniest man that I've ever seen, shows his extraordinary talent as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in this second film of the Pink Panther series.

And there is suspense. It's no silly comedy. A hard worked story and plot, very nice art direction and cinematography makes this film a cult.

Watch out for the looong one-plan shot when we see what's going on inside the house, at the beginning of the movie... Blake Edwards!

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