Evil Chinese mastermind in a series of adventure novels by Sax Rohmer. Fu Manchu is President of the Council of Seven of the Si-Fan, the most powerful secret society on earth. He is chiefly opposed in his plans for world domination by Sir Denis Nayland Smith.

"If you can imagine Satan incarnate - a deathless spirit of evil dwelling in an ageless body - a cold intelligence armed with knowledge so far undreamed of by science - you have a slight picture of Doctor Fu Manchu."

-- from The Drums of Fu Manchu


Fu Manchu started off playing live gigs throughout the early 90s and developed a psychedelic grunge rock feel that invariably reminds me of Soundgarden's early days, wonderful stuff. With heavy rock riffs and imperturbable vocals, listening to the shit just makes you feel cool. Drum and bass groove together as they always should and just sound untailoredly mod.

Perfect for sitting around and subsisting that kid that lashes out at conformity just because his parents told him to clean up his room one too many times. But hey, that ain't bad, we all want to be that kid again every so often. That kid's cool, he didn't care about his financial statements or accrued interest, that kid sat around all day smoking weed and partying with his chums every night. That kid had long hair and didn't know what the real world is like, that kid was happy in his pissed off world.

Discography (ubl.com):
1994 No One Rides for Free - Bong Load
1995 Daredevil - Bong Load
1996 In Search Of - Mammoth
1997 Action Is Go - Mammoth
1999 Eatin' Dust - Man's Ruin
1999 Godzilla's Eatin Dust - Man's Ruin
2000 King of the Road - Mammoth

1998 Return to Earth '91-'93 - Elastic
Godzilla/Module Overload EP - Man's Ruin

The band is currently made up of Scott Hill (vocals), Brad Davis (bass, vocals), Bob Balch (guitars), Brant Bjork of Kyuss (drums).

A type of facial hair style in which the mustache extends down past the corners of your mouth, but there is no hair on the chin itself. Please note that if there is hair on the chin besides the left and right legs of the mustache, then it is NOT a fu manchu, but a goatee of some sorts. Fu manchus tend to look best on mechanics, porn stars, wrestlers, and men who operate heavy machinery.

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