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JeffMagnus node of the day: Everything 2 Civil War

I'm sitting at my computer. I'm eating chips. Through the window to my right, I can see the beautiful snow that is falling here in Montreal.

I have been awake since 6:30 pm yesterday. It is now 9:13 am.

Time to take stock.

My recent discovery of #everything has not been good for my physical health. Add to that the fact that all my friends in Montreal are busy writing papers, and I have no papers to write, and you have a full weekend of little besides noding waiting to happen.

No, I mean, take stock of life in general.

Oh, well, things are going well. I've had a nice, intellectually stimulating term at McGill. After so long travelling, it was good to have a home. Now I'm ready for a good summer of busking. I'm feeling good about myself these days, partly thanks to the stuff that everything helps me share, things that I used to just write in my journal. Still have to meet that perfect girl... but that's another node.

Well, okay, but what about the big stuff? The stuff that's really important?

Mmmm. I like snow.

I managed to wake up without stomach pains today.

All right, let me elaborate. Not SEVERE stomach pains.

Since I consider my job to be an utterly pointless ritual of gruntwork anyhoo, I decided to go in and suffer from periodic gas pain. I now know that Pepto-Bismol comes in chewable tablets. Very nice.

Another day, another Everything 2 Civil War battle. Today's first salvo was fired by theonomist, a /. troll named 80md whose only true allegiance is to war.

The Chatterbox blows up. Liberals and conservatives both reveal their hate, directed not at any issue, but at each other. Noders go to war for God, for country, for fetuses, for rights, for sexuality, for speech.

It's fun, but so tedious.

Please. Learn to coexist.

today there was an oil spill nearby in maryland, and i find it awfully despressing.

my boyfriends family is so cool. hanging out with them is lots of fun. i think they feel the same about me. this makes me happy. he and i had dinner with my sister on friday. that was fun too. i LOVE that he gets along with my family and i get along with his. my family (well, my mother, brother and sisters) are very very important to me.

oddly, today it snowed.
I went to a friends Eagle Scout ceremony today. It was long, and boring but it was yet still cool. They lit candles and read like 20 letters. I found out my physics teacher was an Ealge Scout. That was pretty cool.

Then we went to a bar for a little party in the back room. We danced and planned a guerilla dance so that we could have the official prom and yet still have a dance with good music (ie not all crappy rap and pop). So far the plan involved mp3s, 6 10-foot speakers and at least 120 guests.

I stayed up, and decided not to sleep.. so at about 2am I went out with my friend Wolfgang. We drove around, and talked, then had a 5am bonfire at the beach.

After that we drove to Super Wal-mart and I bought purple glitter starlet sunglasses. We also bought some 80's new-wave compilation tapes.

Around 8am we drove to Sanibel and went for a really long bike ride around this nature preserve. I saw some alligators, and pretty birds.

Around 1pm we went to the mall, and I bought new shoes, then went to lunch.. well I just had a Shirley Temple.

Around 4pm, I collected some money from someone who owed me, then went to the driving range and hit some golf balls.

I spent the rest of the day playing with my salvia plants, and listening to Vivaldi.
Started off with my Sunday ritual, getting up just in time to watch Meet The Press at 10am on NBC. Somehow we started watching it during the primaries, and just kept on doing it, though it's not as interesting now since we don't get to see Tim Russert trying to rip the candidates apart with the hard questions.

I then laid around and watched a show on the Discovery Channel about the various Eco-Challenges of the past few years, the trials, troubles, and successes various people and teams have had.

Then, after a nice long shower, watched the Detroit Red Wings lose to the Colorado Avalanche, though it really didn't matter, since it was the last game of the season and the standings were already fixed. I don't remember how I got into hockey, but I just enjoy it for some reason. It's not the fights though, I don't care for them.

Then things went downhill. I had been putting off doing the taxes long enough, so I installed that copy of TaxCut 99 and started it up. But then I find out I have to update the software since there were some laws that changed after they released the product. So I get on the internet, and play around on here while it downloads. I got to participate in the horror that was trolling by Theonomist.

The update finishes, but... I can't see to get it to work. The executable gives me some funny message when I run it, and won't do anything. So I download an update from the web site and node some more. Finally, it finishes, this one actually works, and I start the taxes... though I'm like all cranky as hell from the trouble from this crappy software. Taxes don't take too long, though they ask some really unclear questions in the software, and don't offer enough help. But I somehow wade through it, only to find I fscking owe money. I decide not to file it quite yet, and get the state one done also.

It's set up to download the appropriate software for each state as you need it, so I go to download the Illinois one... and it tells me there is an update available and I HAVE to download it first... WHAT THE HELL? So, I scream and yell at the dawn software and the idiots who wrote it and didn't put the correct update on the web site and make some comment about how they should all be fired to myself, and shut the damn machine off to go watch the first day of the Eco-Challenge and realize that things aren't so bad because I'd surely die doing that...

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