I stayed up, and decided not to sleep.. so at about 2am I went out with my friend Wolfgang. We drove around, and talked, then had a 5am bonfire at the beach.

After that we drove to Super Wal-mart and I bought purple glitter starlet sunglasses. We also bought some 80's new-wave compilation tapes.

Around 8am we drove to Sanibel and went for a really long bike ride around this nature preserve. I saw some alligators, and pretty birds.

Around 1pm we went to the mall, and I bought new shoes, then went to lunch.. well I just had a Shirley Temple.

Around 4pm, I collected some money from someone who owed me, then went to the driving range and hit some golf balls.

I spent the rest of the day playing with my salvia plants, and listening to Vivaldi.