today, it's is bright and sunny and there are few clouds in the sky. it is a bit chilly, but the strong winds have died down.

my boyfriend stayed over last night. i love it. waking up next to him is the coolest thing ever.

today looks to be a good day at work. my major projects are completed. everyone here is treating me with respect. i like the tasks i am given. it's so nice to enjoy work again.

i don't know if i am actually enjoying it more or the paxil i started taking about a month ago has started working. either way. i like my job again.

i am going to go to martial arts practice this afternoon. i am getting back into the swing of that after having taken some time off. it's tough going back when you haven't been in a while but i am getting up to speed again. i love it. i love kicking ass. i love sparring. i love fighting. i enjoy being proficient with my body.
Today I woke up at 8am for no reason at all.. I spent this morning noding, and writing email.. while noding I enjoyed a good cry after reading ophie's write up "this is dedicated to my sister"..

I showered and primped, then I watched "A Wedding Story". After that I will be spending the afternoon shopping for presents for certain people, then enjoy an evening with my friends Wolfgang and Dave.
A nice day ... like every one in fact. Advantages of living in a tropical country. But a bit boring, no need for weather forecasts: they are just too damn easy.

Anyway, today I had a very refreshing chat with the Lesser Kahuna about what we are and were we are going.
He does not really know, which is not entirely reassuring, since if he does not know, who does ? But this is the world of the Internet, where millions of dollars are spent on big-ass Sun servers totally on speculation.

And the speculation is not on an idea, rather on the hope that someone just might have an idea, and use all that big iron for a worthy cause.
And all this while fighting the evil SEP fields.

Anyway. tequila is of great help in this situation, both as a drink and when poured on lash wounds to disinfect them. And to make them smart more, in order to reinforce the learning experience.

Did I tell you that I am turning into a boss ? I hope that I do not go pointy haired all of a sudden. I already feel a bit more insouciant than before.

Oooo... now I really hate my current Computer Programming professor.

Not only does she mark down papers that won't execute under some bizzare circumstances (She wants us to compile a console app as a Windows 3.1 app?), but, as I just learned today, she WON'T compile the thing as anything else (Such as a Win32 console app, or a Linux binary, the way it SHOULD be).

Right now, the thing GPFs upon startup. No reason at all, it just bombs out as soon as it gets to the first line or two of code in main().

Now I'm bitter. I'm making it a point to wear my Linux hat to class every day.

A controlled-burn fire near Los Alamos, New Mexico has resulted in 200 destroyed homes so far. The town has been evacuated and the fire is heading into the main part of town. Damn windy New Mexico spring.

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