I'm sitting at my computer. I'm eating chips. Through the window to my right, I can see the beautiful snow that is falling here in Montreal.

I have been awake since 6:30 pm yesterday. It is now 9:13 am.

Time to take stock.

My recent discovery of #everything has not been good for my physical health. Add to that the fact that all my friends in Montreal are busy writing papers, and I have no papers to write, and you have a full weekend of little besides noding waiting to happen.

No, I mean, take stock of life in general.

Oh, well, things are going well. I've had a nice, intellectually stimulating term at McGill. After so long travelling, it was good to have a home. Now I'm ready for a good summer of busking. I'm feeling good about myself these days, partly thanks to the stuff that everything helps me share, things that I used to just write in my journal. Still have to meet that perfect girl... but that's another node.

Well, okay, but what about the big stuff? The stuff that's really important?

Mmmm. I like snow.