December 30, 2000

My New Year’s Eve party went pretty well, despite the immature actions of my sixteen year old brother and his girlfriend, Sheena.

About thirty people showed up at one time or another, including a large group of girls traveling in a pack from party to party. They congregated in a corner and played Truth or Dare Jenga, which Sheena had been kind enough to bring. The entire house was filled with the sounds of shrill giggles and gratuitous noise until they left.

Back to Adam and Sheena. They were both rollin’ pretty good by the time the party officially got underway – in fact, Sheena had already chewed through one pacifier and was well into her second. She went up to every person as soon as she could draw him or her away from the crowd, and begged to be told if she was acting weird. Most tried to be nice by denying the fact that Sheena was acting like a moron, but I don’t think she believed them. My brother, in the mean time, was glow stick dancing like mad, and handing out money to anyone who asked. I got a dollar.

Only six people spent the night; most left around two in the morning or so. Jessica and Meagan slept on the floor in my room, while Adrian and Mike each took a side of the couch in the living room downstairs. Adam and Sheena disappeared for a couple hours, and I didn’t have the energy to hunt them down and break it up. Aaron and Schmoo ended up going back home, because Aaron was having asthma problems and forgot his inhaler. He is so wimpy for being such a big guy.

January 1, 2001

Woke up around ten the next morning, played some Bust a Move on N64 with Meag and Jess. Adrian and Mike were still dead to the world, and remained so for a while longer. I went over to Aaron’s house and woke him up, made sure he was breathing good, and then dragged him back to my house for breakfast. Scrambled eggs and hash browns. No pancakes, unfortunately, but eggs are almost as fun. I swallowed my usual handful of pills in the privacy of the hall leading to the bathroom from the kitchen. I hate taking meds in front of people.

Went to work at one o’clock. That was the rest of my day.

January 2, 2001

Aaron and I went to see The Family Man with Nick and Pam Tuesday night. It was a decent movie, especially after watching Dracula 2000 a couple days ago. Pam is still too quiet around Aaron and I, but I guess I understand. Aaron and Nick and I have all been friends for a few years, long before we knew such a thing as Pam existed. I’ve gotten used to Nick and Aaron’s behavior when they’re around each other (it’s pretty bizarre , trust me) after long hours of suffering through endless Tony Hawk and Final Fantasy sessions, watching countless Dragon Ball Z episodes, listening to Fear Factory over and over, and being berated for flinching every time one of them came within three feet of me. Well, that applies more to Nick than Aaron. He tends to enjoy hurting me and calling me a kitchen whore. But that’s another story.

Pam needs to hang out with me some more. I think she’s either scared of me, or incredibly shy around people she doesn’t see too often. I talk to her on AIM whenever she’s around, but that’s different than interacting in real life. Nick is just a selfish bastard and keeps her to himself most of the time.

…Back to the present

Today was a change from the past week. I went back to school, which wasn’t so bad if you ignore the waking up early bit. Found out I have an A.P. Stats test tomorrow, and a rough draft of a seven page play due next week for creative writing. I am the master of B.S., so that’s no big deal. But math takes knowledge, and that is something I don’t have.

My hours at work have been cut down to six hours per week. If I needed money, this would be a bad thing. But I have nothing to buy beyond a tank of gas every now and then and a few bagels to get me by. I can live on less than twenty bucks a week, easily. But that’ll all change when I leave for school next year, I’m sure. Tuition is the killer of dreams.

Goodbye, dreams.