Movie starring Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. Jack Campbell (Nicholas Cage) is a Wall Street tycoon who has everything but Kate Reynolds (Tea Leoni), the girlfriend he left 13 years prior. On Christmas Eve, Jack is given a Glimpse - he wakes up the next morning living the life he would have led had he not left Kate 13 years prior.

This movie is very formulaic. Jack Campbell is a rogue who leads the "perfect life" -- and knows it. The ending is predictable from the very start of the movie. Nicholas Cage consummately portrays his character -- as someone you don't like, and who persists in being an arrogant ass throughout much of the movie. He is so unlovable you don't want him to come out ahead (a lesson could have been learned from The Invisible Man, where the rape scene was deleted so that the audience could associate with Kevin Bacon's character).

There are only two redeeming features to this movie. One is Tea Leoni. She plays the confused Kate wonderfully, and graces us with an eye candy scene in the shower (sure, we know it's probably a body double, but that's okay). The second is the score by Danny Elfman. While it still has some action adventure overtones (he's written music for too many of those), it's a fun listen.

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