Today I woke up from my trip back from the Opening Ceremony Rehersal, suprisingly. I think that the spilled motor oil on my car seat is making me tired.

I came in to the shop with Dad today, and who did I find there but my good graphically oriented friend Micheal. He gave me a CD with some cool software on it.

I almost got this 3 year old computer at home today, if Dean's had finished our quote. And at the shop we would have gotten a really cool machine. This is what we are getting at the shop:

and other cool things as well as a new printer for home.

You see, I only have 3 computers at home. An AT, an XT and an AT laptop. This computer is a 200 Mhz Pentium MMX, which isn't bad. The bast part is the JBL Pro speakers.

And, they didn't finish it today. Oh well (*sigh*), maybe tomorrow.