When you go to San Francisco, forget about the need to wear flowers in your hair. Instead, go to Max's and order one of their gargantuan chocolate eclairs. . .

Someone told me that love will find you in the City, even if you're not looking for it. And it is a wildly romantic city with an utterly unique atmosphere. Passing the Sony Metreon's capitalism arcade, my spirits flagged--we turned a corner, and saw a beautiful carousel. The windows on our hotel room were half-stuck, but when I looked across the way I saw a theater with a gorgeous Victorian facade. Later that night (it was Halloween), I perched on the windowsill still in my silver crocheted dress and butterfly wings. Theatergoers looked up at me and stopped and smiled; it was one of those magical instants that seemed to happen so many times there. I'll be happy to visit The City again, though it will take me forever to see half of its interesting places.

Actually, I work there now. I stop at Specialty's every morning. It's strange to be a part of the city, but good.

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