Specialty's is a small coffeeshop chain in San Francisco. My Specialty's is located on Spear Street two or three blocks south of the Embarcadero BART station--with one Starbucks a block or so off each side. Trust me when I say it beats Starbucks to hell, and not just because Starbucks is...Starbucks. Specialty's has lovely cheap coffee, plus all the fancy stuff (lattes etc), but they are most famous for their chocolate chip cookies. Huge lumps of lotsa chocolate, white, milk, or bittersweet, incredibly good. Excellent with coffee, and the cheap day old cookies are equally delicious. They also bake huge cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing that you can smell a mile away, and chocolate rolls (never seen these anywhere else) and deceptively plain-looking brownies that melt in your mouth. They also carry savory pastries, all kinds of scones, muffins, all fresh baked right there. They also have lunch salads and fresh fruit salads (yum!). I can't recommend them highly enough. The only possible drawback is that they are almost literally a hole in the wall with about as much counter space as my old apartment and nowhere to sit, but that's not too much of a problem, for stuff this good.

Specialty's is on the west side of the street, open from early to 3 p. m. I stop there every morning for coffee and a sweet thing, around 8:30 a. m.

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