Obviously many people love going to the Sony Metreon.

Being that it is one of the more, well known spots for tourists and locals out of “the know”, I will do my best to describe the innards of this consumer minded beast, utilizing all of my biased assumptions.

The Stores
As mentioned above, the Metreon is host to several branded stores, such as the Playstation Store and a Sony Style Store.

The Playstation Store boasts that it is a ‘hands on’ store. They have a software bar, serving up any variety of Playstation video games to the terminal of your choice. This idea to me is grand, but I have never been able to make it work. For one, the store is usually full of kids and there never is an open spot to play anything. I have also noticed that the prices are considerably higher than other video game suppliers. Over priced blind-consumer related products.

Sony Style, is half living room and half record store. As you walk into the store from the food court, you will notice several living room style areas containing all of the latest and greatest Sony Televisions powered by complete digital surround stereo systems. You can recline on the equally expensive furniture, as you check out “My Giant” or “Godzilla 2000”. The record store however, has a not so bad collection of discs. Mostly over priced blind-consumer related products.

Microsoft SF is a total joke to me. You can purchase the latest Windows copy, buy a Bill Gates shirt or aw at the latest marvels of technology that they have on display. Over priced blind-consumer related products.

Discovery Channel Store, is probably just what you can imagine. Stupid products with a Discovery channel branding. Over priced blind-consumer related products.

The Food
I guess this is where I am most disgruntled. The main food attraction at the Sony Metreon is the Food Court, or rather “A Taste of San Francisco”. They claim to have captured the variety of tastes you can find in San Francisco and pulled them all together to form this food court.

Luna Azul, the absolute worst “San Francisco Burrito” I have tasted.

Firewood Café seems to be lacking in dedication of food preparation but not in atmospheric decoration. This restaurant tries way to hard at creating that California twist.

Buckhorn Grill contains a variety of beef sandwiches and salads, in a fast food setting. The cheese steak would make a Philly resident puke.

Long Life Noodle Company and Jook Joint is actually pretty damn good, but it is hard to ignore the food court setting.

Jillian’s is an entertainment environment based restaurant, which is to say it has 47 thousand televisions glued to each wall and is a nightclub by night. Overly priced food with scary atmosphere.

Starbucks. Need I say more? See Corporate Whore.

The Theaters
The Metreon has 16 theater style theaters and one Imax. The concessions stand has non-starbucks coffee and food for eating, such as pizzas. Just as over priced as any other theater. Generally not a bad theater.

I try to stay away from this over priced beast. Its consumerism at its best. We all know the story behind Microsoft and Starbucks. Now have a look at Sony. Sony has crappy products, but rakes in the money due to consumerism.

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