A chain of restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area; locations on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, in the Sony Metreon in the Mission district, and in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. The scene is trendy pan-asian noodle house, if you are apt to be offened by this sort of cultural blender, avoid it.

The restaurant serves a variety of noodle dishes from the asian region. I am partial to their pad thai, but I request pork rather than shrimp. The soup bowl of udon is also very nice.

They also list a few jook or congee dishes on the menu. I have not tried them, as I am not partial to congee, it was always the sick food of my youth.

Pricing is what might be called reasonable: around $9 for an entree, $5 for an appetizer. They have a few well-chosen, offerings of wine by the glass.

Other locations? /msg me.

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