[ Dream Log ]


Merry Christmas to everyone who are logged on in Christmas day... and belatedly to everyone else who will read this stuff late. =)

So, what happened today?

Well, this, for example:


Ack. Sorry for ruining your Christmas... Sorry sorry sorry...

In hot questions, I used my webcam to get my pic, here I used a digital camera we had borrowed. (My "real" camera could have been used, but it didn't have the flash...)

I also snapped a floppyful of other, less hideous pictures. Maybe I should post them. (Will go to the album later...)

I also helped my father to HTMLify one document and put it to web. And Such. Big Yawn.

"Silent night, holy night..." =)


OK, I'm officially an idiot, not able to get even simple nodes made right... =(

Bye. (For while... Need to see Bond, James Bond...)

Navigation stuff coming later this year...

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