The Persuadertron from Bullfrog's Syndicate and Syndicate Wars games is one of the most unusual, creative tools in video game history.


The Persuadertron is a small handheld device that allows the user to essentially mind control any victim. The Persuadertron does this by means of hacking into the CHIP which all citizens of the world have implanted in the back of their neck.

The original function of the CHIPs was one of recreation, as it allowed the user to experience any sensation or experience by simply imagining it. Through use of these chips, the populace became blind to the dystopian, corporate-dominated police state in which they lived. As the CHIP is connected directly to the brain, it only takes the influence of the Persuadertron to make them into a mindless, obedient slave.


To use the Persuadertron in Syndicate, equip an agent with it as a weapon, and activate it like you would a normal weapon. Approach your target and, if the Persuadertron is active, they will be placed under your control and will now follow you around the mission area until they are incapacitated.

Although you can *persuade* (as the game puts it when you are sent to abduct or intimidate someone with the device) guards, police officers and even enemy agents, the device first needs a certain number of minds linked.

For an agent with a normal human brain, they need no points to *persuade* civilians, four points for a guard, eight for a police officer and thirty-two for an enemy agent. Points are determined by what 'followers' you have already accrued through use of the Persuadertron - civilians are worth one, guards are worth two, police four and enemy agents eight. Equipping the agent using the Persuadertron with a high quality cyborg brain will reduce the number of points needed to *persuade* each type of target.

Note also that any *persuaded* followers you have will fight alongside you, and will arm themselves with dropped weapons. In certain situations, Eurocorp advises that agents *persuade* local police and civilians to assemble a large militia force and assist in their operations. Any enemy agents you have *persuaded* who survive to the end of the mission will be added to your pool of operatives for future use.

Be aware that the *persuaded* will only follow the agent with the Persuadertron. As a result, you should only need one per four-agent squad. Ensure the agent in question has the finest implants available, especially the brain, as they must lead the ad-hoc army into battle.

Lastly, note the Persuadertron is not considered an offensive weapon by the police.

NB: As I consider Syndicate Wars to be vastly inferior to the original game, I have not played it enough to provide an accurate description of any differences to Persuadertron operation therein.

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