She lurched to the left sharply. She was obviously propelled by someone, but the train wasn't that crowded; who needed off so badly as to bust through like that?

At first it looked as if he ran into her on purpose. He gained his stance again, and moved to push someone else. The view from the seat was bad, and people were obstructing.

The reason became apparent. It seemed this other guy was the one that caused the whole topple. He shifted into the train a bit and kicked the first guy. The first guy almost went after the second, but the doors closed.


You could hear their minds. As the realizations people were making came about, you could feel the energy shift in the train. The man that busted through was black. The man that fought with him was an older white guy, with white hair. So suddenly the situation became a race issue. And then it became an issue of the stereotypical disgruntled old man, or the racist old man. Then came back the black thug. Suddenly age issues come up. Then education. The older white guy was obviously more wealthy than the black guy. The explosion of societal thoughts and wrongs expanded like a poison cloud. You could feel the wave of repurcussion. The menial thoughts of the people. Like animals in a crowded cage with the occasional skirmish. Such is nature, such is life; way it goes.

The murmuring of the passengers rose slowly, and the situation faded away.