An electrical device, used to prevent electrical signals from reflecting off of the end of a wire. It is a very simple device, consisting solely of a resistor and a housing. Terminators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending upon the application, and are measured according to the resistance of their internal resistors, in Ohms.

The terminator is also the line on a planet (or moon) dividing night from day. The points at which the sun is on the horizon, just rising or just setting. Generally, the sun is far enough away from planets that the terminator can be said to divide the planet in two equal hemispheres (ignoring the equatorial bulge).

Apart from points inside the Arctic and Antarctic circles, midnight and midday are the times when you are furthest from the terminator. Dawn and dusk are when you are on the terminator. During the solstices, the North and South poles are farthest from the terminator, and during the equinoxes, the North and South poles are on the terminator.

Probably the weirdest practical joystick ever built.

Terminator was shaped exactly like a fragmentating hand grenade.

The wire to the computer (with a standard-of-the-day Atari-joystick 9-pin D-connector, used in most 8- and 16-bit computers) came out from the "bottom" of the grenade, and the top that had the pin and everything had a short metal stick, used as the 8-way controller. The "handle" acted as the fire button.

The reasons for its coolness:

  • For a flight sims of the day, the sticks may have been nice. For Commando on C64, you need something more appropriate to get to the proper mood. =)
  • The mechanics used microswitches, which meant the stick was very durable (beated most cheap leaf switch-based designs).

Some people didn't like the stick part because it was somewhat short, though.

I don't know the manufacturer. A review of many, many joysticks in MikroBitti in 1989 said it was made in Denmark - the review also said that this sort of joysticks may be difficult to transport in airplanes...

(TAC-2 remains my favorite C64 joystick, though.)

In the books of Kim Stanley Robinson, Terminator is a city on Mercury.

Terminator’s construction is ingenious. Metal rails circle the planet on the northern forty-fifth latitude. Set between the rails are metal cylinders that expand in the heat of the Mercurial day. The city is set on these rails. As the tracks expand in the sun, the city is forced along the rails to where they have not yet expanded at about three kilometres an hour. This keeps the city within the terminator of Mercury, the rotating band of dusk between freezing night and incandescent day.

Track laying on Mercury started in 2142, with rolling construction (by necessity) throught the 2150’s.

Terminator is either the only major city on Mercury, or simply the only city on Mercury. We never learn if there are more cities, but there are some underground refuges, scientific posts, power facilities, and at least one art gallery. Terminator’s police force is known as the spasspolizei. The spasspolizei enforce the many restricting rules and laws in Terminator. The Mithraists have plenty of power in Terminator government. The main feature of Terminator is the Dawn Wall, the easternmost wall. It is terraced, and lined with buildings. The higher the terrace is, the smaller it will be, and the more important the buildings will be. The offices of the Lion of Mercury, the leader of Mercurial government, are in the highest terrace, a single story high.

Terminator features in Blue Mars and The Memory Of Whiteness and the short story Mercurial in the short story collection Vinland the Dream.

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Ter"mi*na`tor (?), n. [L., he who limits or sets bounds.]


One who, or that which, terminates.

2. Astron.

The dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of the moon.

<-- The Terminator. Arnold Scbarzenegger. -->


© Webster 1913.

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