Created by Skynet, The T-800 is one in a series of Terminator Robots designed to eliminate humans in the alternate c.2015 machine-dominated future1.

The T-800 is comprised of a High-impact metal skeleton based largly upon the human design. its processor seems to be mostly visually centered, inferred from the ocular readouts you will sometimes see in the movies. its main processing chip, advanced enough to run a sapient android, is about the size of a thumbnail2 and located in the Terminator unit's head.

The T-800 can be covered in human skin so that it can penetrate human defensive bio-sensors in combat, trying to slip incognito behind the fleshling's lines. This feature also proved useful when Skynet developed a Time Machine that only biological material could pass through, and evidently covering raw metal and electronics with a flesh shell met the machine's criteria.

The T-800 shows much potential for neural growth, able to adapt extremly well to its surroundings and interactions with other sapients. Its capacity to think and learn also lets it be competitive with newer terminator models, such as the shapeshifting T-1000.

As mentioned earlier, T-800s were utilized in two time-travelling expeditions. In the first one, Skynet sent a T-800 back into 1984 to kill the mother of the human resistance leader John Connor, who was leading an attack that would destroy Skynet. The future John Connor, to save his life and the future of humanity with it by saving his mother's life (Sarah Connor), sends Kyle Reese backwards as well to foil Skynet's nefarious plan. In somewhat of a time paradox, Kyle is also John's father3. With much ado, the terminator is defeated after killing Kyle, by a very distraught Sarah (aided by a hydraulic press).

All is well, until sometime after sending the first terminator, Skynet realizes it failed and attempts another time-mission to preserve its life. This time, it sends a liquid metal terminator, designated the T-1000, to kill the young John Connor4. A T-800 comes into play as the future John Connor sends a captured and reprogrammed unit into the past to protect his young self. Again, after much ado, The Connors and the T-800 destroy the T-1000, but the T-800 sacrifices itself so that Skynet may never be built5.

  1. Very different from Back to the Future II's version ;)
  2. As seen in Terminator 2
  3. But explaining the paradox in full is beyond the scope of this writeup ;)
  4. The actual date of this is between 1994 and 1997, but not known, due mainly to mathematical errors in the movie scripts. Bad Cameron. No Biscuit.
  5. For the original Skynet had been created off of discoveries made by researching the remaining pieces of the T-800 from 1984. A large part of the second time-travelling incident was to recover those pieces and to destroy all related research.

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