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> What is a McGrue?

A rare breed of Grue. If you wonder what variety of Grue you have encountered, there is a simple test to perform. If the grue you are talking to spouts Latin phrases occasionally, leaves your presence with a snatch1 of Classic Rock, denounces Final Fantasy 6 as the worst game of all time, and creates VERGE games, it is likly you are in the presence of the rare McGrue. However, if the Grue near you eats you, it's more likly you've stumbled upon the less friendly and mor.e common variety.

Also of note is that the McGrue is the male of the Irish branch. The rare O'Grue female seldom is seen, and so there is only one known McGrue left in captivity.

On the more serious side, He's an amateur coder, Freeware DOS & game-maker, College CS stud(ent), Digital and real-media artist, Audiophile, Anime fan, and all around member of geekdom.

He also regrets that since he doesn't hold a tech support job part-time anymore, his time with everything2 has diminished. Fwoon :(

1 The version meaning a small quantity, not the slang for female genitalia. I can't begin to imagine what a full set of classic rock naughty bits would, could be like.

And please don't let this prompt you to take an opportunity to educate me in the matter. Honest. My ignorance in this case is a blessed silence in my mind, where you would have neural pathways bawling like wee bairns. I think not.