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I see. Yet how can you justify your opinion, given, that if you had a beautiful body, you would feel obligated to hold it against Nate?
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This is my GTKMN (Getting to know me node). Be afraid.

First, and foremost:

I like monkeys. Knifegirl is better than cheese. Don't be a meany.

And also:

Ångstrom is a neato word.

For the record: I hereby grant permission to any person to reprint anything I've written on E2 in any way, shape, or form, for any purpose, provided that any proceeds from the use of my writings are donated to charity, the EDC, or Webster 1913.

PopeFelix comes from my Discordian Holey Name, which is "Pope Felix the Scurrilous, Margrave of Wolverhampton, Soss of Worcestershire, and part-time night watchman for the Letter People Hall of Fame". I am a Linux geek, and a Frühead. Until recently, I served as the Gothic/Industrial Music Coordinator for WEFT, a community radio station in Champaign, Illinois. I work for a local ISP in Charleston, SC, doing Tech Support.

I'm married, to a wonderful woman named Hlynna. We got married on July 14, 2001, and are living in a cheap apartment in Charleston, SC with our cats Spot and Mina.

My mailing address:
Hon. Rev. Dr. Occupant
c/o Kit Peters
76 Nassau St Apt E
Charleston, SC 29403

Coming soon: