The Tea Party, a prominent Canadian rock group, consists of band members Jeff Martin (guitar and vocals), Stuart Chatwood (bass guitar and keyboards), and Jeff Burrows (drums and percussion). The band formed in 1990 after a long session playing together in Toronto. All three members had been in prior bands together while growing up in their hometown of Windsor, Ontario. In 1993, they signed with Canadian record label EMI. The Tea Party have been compared to Led Zeppelin on many levels, as well as Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy. They have been known to incorporate many mid-eastern and Indian instruments and sounds, including the sitar, tamboura, and saz.

Though the band has yet to really catch on in America, they have received critical acclaim and an immense fan following in Canada, and in Australia. There is a Yahoo! Groups mail list that follows the band called SisterAwake, and even though it has the tendency to sometimes go far afield and off topic, it is recommended reading for those that truly wish to follow the band. There is also a band homepage at the website, as well as an excellent fan based website at (German and English).

Full Discography: Following the last album, the group disbanded in 2005.

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